Our mission  



Pimm360 consists of making your company perform better than your market.
The first impression your customers receive will make or break a future collaboration.
By putting everything in the shop window through Virtual, augmented and mixed reality, we touch the essence, the soul of your business, services and products, as well as the soul of your clientele.
With our services  we can work together to take you a step further than your competition.
Let's make that perfect first impression together.




Our vision

Is sharp and alert, of all developments in the field of  virtual, augmented and mixed reality.
We look into the current possible technologies to suit your request and together we create an immersive  experience.
That is what we strive for.

Alex Jankovic        

Camera wizard      


Deliberately kept small.

Within our vision the only way to offer a personal service.

Quality above quantity, is it not?

It has once been said to me

"it is not difficult to grow big, it is difficult to stay big".

We at Pimm360 have rather big ambitions around your projects.

    Joan Eerdekens       

  Digital craftsman       

Pimm360,Virtual, Augmented, Mixed reality agency, Reppelerweg 65, 3990 Grote-Brogel, Belgium.

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